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ICGL Newsletter Fall 2014

New issue of ICGL newsletter is released on 21st November 2014.
PDF version can be downloaded from next link.
ICGLNewsLetter-2014FA (15.4Mb)

The contents:

Appearance of new treatment method on sapphire using HPHT apparatus
By Hyun-min Choi, Sun-ki Kim and Young-chool Kim
Hanmi Gemological Institute & Laboratory (GIG), Seoul, Korea

“BLUE SILK” Color change-like effect in pink sapphire from Batakundi
By Masaki Furuya
Japan Germany Gemmological laboratory, Kofu, Japan

Cobalt-doped glass-filled treated blue sapphire
By TayThye Sun and Loke Hui Ying
Far East Gemological Laboratory, Singapore

Punsiri type heat treatment of sapphire done in Khambat, India
By Jayshree Panjikar
Pangem Testing Laboratory, Pune, India

Current Trends within the Thai Gemstone Industry
Dietmar Schwarz and Yadhunath Ramakrishnan
Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences Thailand

Interview with Dominic Moc: Founding Member