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ICGL Newsletter Fall 2016

New issue of ICGL newsletter is released on 7th December 2016.
PDF version can be downloaded from next link.
ICGLNewsLetter-2016 Fall(8.1Mb)

The contents:

Gemstones showing unusual colour changes
Masaki Furuya
Japan Germany Gemmological Laboratory, Kofu, Japan

Two rare gems with similar appearance: Serendibite and Sappirine
Miran Heo and Kook-Whee Kwak
Wooshin Gemological Institute of Korea, Korea

A report on the new ornamental gemstone from Pakistan: Sannan-Skarn
Henry Hänni
GemExpert, Basel, Switzerland

Sphene from India
Jayshree Panjikar and Aatish Panjikar
PANGEMTECH- Panjikar Gem Research & Tech Institute