ICGL Newsletter Winter 2013

ICGL first newsletter was released at Tucson Gem show 2013.

PDF version can be downloaded from next link.

ICGLNewsLetter-2013WN (3.3Mb)


The contents;

International Consortium of Gem testing Labotories

By John Richoz,
Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, Bangkok, Thailand

Screening and identification of diamonds for the synthetic origin using the uv lamp and the polarioscope mounted on a microscope

By Branko Deljanin, B.Sc., GG, FGA, DUG
Canadian Gemological Laboratory inc, Vancouver, Canada

Identification of natural, treated, synthetic and treated-synthetic yellow sapphire by feather type inclusions

By Jayshree Panjikar
Pangem Testing Laboratory, PANGEMTECH – Panjikar Gem Research & Tech Institute, Pune, India

Trading of Jadeite-Jade in Mandalay, Myanmar

By Tay Thye Sun & Tay Kun Ming
Far East Gemological Laboratory, Singapore




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