ICGL Newsletter Winter 2014

New issue of ICGL newsletter is released on 12th March 2014.

PDF version can be downloaded from next link.

ICGLNewsLetter-2014WN (11.2Mb)


The contents;

Non-resin type synthetic opal by Kyocera

By Masaki Furuya(1), Masanobu and Satoshi Miyazaki(2)

(1) Japan Germany Gemmological Laboratory, Kofu, Japan
(2) Nagomiishi Co, Ltd. Osaka, Japan

Collector’s Gem Petalite

By Jayshree Panjikar,Pangem Testing Laboratory,Pune, India

The Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels
Exhibition at the Museum of London 11 October, 2013 to 27 April 2014

By Elisabeth Strack, Gemmologisches Institut Hamburg, Germany

Interview with Branko Deljanin: Former Founding Member

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