ICGL Newsletter Summer 2014

New issue of ICGL newsletter is released on 23rd August 2014.
PDF version can be downloaded from next link.
ICGLNewsLetter-2014SU (1.05Mb)


The contents;

Identification of CVD Synthetic Diamonds
By Kook-WheeKwak, Wooshin Gemological Institute of Korea (WGK)

Recent CVD diamonds tested at Pangem Testing Laboratory
By Jayshree Panjikar, Pangem Testing Laboratory, Pune, India

Treated Black Diamond Earring
By Tay Thye Sun & Loke Hui Ying, Far East Gemological Laboratory, Singapore

A book review “Colour of Paradise” by Kris Lane, 2010
By Elisabeth Strack, Gemmologisches Institut Hamburg, Germany

Lab notes: 10 carats Asteriated Diamond and etc.

Interview with Masaki Furuya: Founding Member


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