ICGL Newsletter Spring 2015

New issue of ICGL newsletter is released on 10th March 2015.
PDF version can be downloaded from next link.
ICGLNewsLetter-2015SP (19.9Mb)

The contents:

New type of emerald composite
By Jayshree Panjikar
Pangem Testing Laboratory, Pune, India

Unusual hydrothermal synthetic emerald with filled fractures
By Hyunmin Choi, Sunki Kim and Young-chool Kim
Hanmi Gemological Institute & Laboratory (GIG), Seoul, Korea

Soude-emeralds -Good imitations in modern times-
By TayThye Sun and Loke Hui Ying
Far East Gemological Laboratory, Singapore

Impregnated Russian hydrothermal synthetic emerald
By Kook-Whee Kwak and Eun-Ah Jeong
Wooshin Gemological Institute of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Introducing Regular Member 007
Mr. Travis Lejman
Gemological Appraisal Laboratory of America, Inc.

Members of ICGL met at Chiang Mai, Thailand on 7th December 2014


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